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#1 Disposal Bin Rental Services in Thornhill

When You Dispose Your Stuff With Us, You Get Quick And Reliable Thornhill Disposal Bin Rentals


At Dispose Your Stuff, our top priority is to provide a positive bin rental experience for our Thornhill customers. Whether you’re cleaning out the house, building a new one, or doing anything else – we can help make your journey trouble-free.

We offer a variety of services and resources catered to a variety of needs that make your Thornhill project more affordable, efficient, and stress-free.

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Hidden Terms Or Fees

Bin Rental Options

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We Dispose

Don't put your Junk in your trunk. Dispose Your Stuff's bins, designed for any use, make waste removal convenient and easy. Lifting your garbage over the bin's side is unnecessary; with double doors and walk-in access, our bins make your disposal stress-free.

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We Deliver

At Dispose Your Stuff, we make waste disposal easy. By delivering straight to your driveway at the precise location you require for easy cleanup and disposal of rubbish, we save you save time and energy which would otherwise be spent lifting.

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We Disseminate

Dispose Your Stuff values complete transparency with your waste removal package. We are always open to discuss your waste removal needs to match you with the right sized bin for your garbage disposal journey, with rental periods of either 7 or 30 days.

Mixed Waste Bin Rental The Easy Way: Our Services

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Say Goodbye To Hidden Fees

Are you tired of rental services in Thornhill that promise some amazing deal but surprise you with hidden fees and charges? Dispose Your Stuff has got your back! Our transparent pricing includes all bin rental fees upfront, so you can budget with confidence.

Every job is different, requiring special bin sizes and services, but it never has to be complicated. Dispose Your Stuff offers quick, reliable disposal bin rentals that suit every customer's needs. With our flexible rental periods of either 7 or 30 days and our contact-free delivery, your Thornhill bin rental is a breeze when you Dispose Your Stuff with us.

We Are Fast, Reliable, And Can Move It All

With over a decade of expertise, Dispose Your Stuff has been a cornerstone in providing top-notch disposal bin rental services for Thornhill. As a leading player in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled reliability, professionalism, and affordability in every move we undertake. Our success is grounded in four fundamental principles: unwavering professionalism exhibited by our expert team, utmost respect for our clients, personalized attention to individual needs, and a transparent and fair pricing policy for all our rental services. Experience seamless transitions with Dispose Your Stuff – Request Your Free Estimates Today!


Easy & Reliable 4 Step Process

Dispose Your Stuff is a Canadian-owned and operated company that provides fast, safe, and stress-free garbage bin rental services for every customer in Thornhill. Whether you are looking to clean out a room or your entire space, we pledge to do help in the fastest and most cost-effective way for you.

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Fill out the Bin Rental Form below with information regarding your upcoming service
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We will call you to verify the details of your move, book a home visit, and give an estimate, with no hidden fees or charges.
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Our professional drivers will arrive at your residence, fully prepared to efficiently place the bin without damaging your property.
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Our drivers will return to pickup the bin after you have finished with it, ensuring your complete satisfaction before concluding the rental process.


Dispose Your Stuff's Thornhill disposal bin rental prices are highly competitive.

To help you get the job done on time and on budget, we have a long list of options suited to all needs.

What sets us apart from other bin rental companies is our extensive Weekly OR Monthly bin rental packages. The choice between a rental period of either a month or a week (with a single pickup & delivery) saves you money which wouldn't be kept in your wallet anywhere else.

See our disposal bin rental prices below.

Ordering a bin from Dispose Your Stuff means agreeing to all of our Terms Of Service. Read Them Here!

Dispose Your Stuff Does It Best

  • Experience a stress-free disposal bin rental with Dispose Your Stuff. Choose us, and here's what you can expect:

  • Dispose Your Stuff specializes in bin rentals, junk removal, and demolitions with a large variety of bin sizes and rental periods to suit any job. Choose between a 7 day or 30 day bin rental for a competitive price in Thornhill . Our junk removal bins are available from 10 to 40 cubic yards, and our experts can advise you on the recommended size for your project over the phone. For the best experience in your home junk removal, renovation or construction job, or any other time you need to get rid of junk, Dispose Your Stuff has your back.

  • Dispose Your Stuff's bin rental process is simple. After you order your bin we will place it wherever you need with wooden boards under our bin so it never contacts or damages your property. We will return for the bin after a week or month. If you need it emptied sooner, contact us and we will promptly return to empty the bin. With Dispose Your Stuff, demolitions and clean-ups have never been easier.


Which Services Do You Require (select multiple)?

Check Your Email After Submission


We take almost all junk you have except for pure aggregates, hazardous chemicals, tires, explosives, and full paint cans. Anything that isn't dangerous to our crew and the dump site employees, such as construction demolition materials, wood, paper, and cardboard, among others, will be taken and sorted with eco-friendly objectives in mind.

      • allowed to put in bin during bin rental

        Household Debris

        Beds, frames, toys, boxes, and anything else you want out of the house. Unless the items are explosive or hazardous in nature, we will take them in our bins.

      • allowed to put in bin during bin rental

        Construction Debris

        Our bins are fit for any kind of construction debris, allowing for quick progression in your renovations, demolitions, and other projects.

      • allowed to put in bin during bin rental


        If you have a couple of bricks and a pound or two of soil to dispose of, toss them in the bin! We do not accept pure aggregates as our trucks cannot handle the weight.

      • allowed to put in bin during bin rental

        Recycling Material

        We are an environmentally friendly bin rental company in the western GTA. If your disposal consists purely of recyclables, let us know and we will handle it appropriately.

      • not allowed to put in bin during bin rental

        Pure Aggregates

        With the exception of the 4-yard Bin Rental, We do not accept Pure Aggregates. Please contact us by phone at 647-227-BINS to check our 4YD bin availability.

      • not allowed to put in bin during bin rental

        Hazardous Chemicals

        These chemicals are to be handled with extreme caution. While we do not accept them, you can find a company to work with by clicking here.

      • not allowed to put in bin during bin rental


        We do not take tires in our rental bins. Tires can be dropped off at most Canadian Tire locations.

      • not allowed to put in bin during bin rental

        Full Paint Cans

        Empty cans are welcomed; we will not accept full paints cans. Our Bins would be full of spilled paint which can ignite under pressure at the station.


Weekly Garbage Bin Rentals from $450/week, no hidden fees!

Here at Dispose Your Stuff, we strive to have the best service in the bin rental business. We have both the knowledge and the experience necessary to get you through any type of job, from small home renovations to construction. Our number 1 priority is our customers' satisfaction. Dispose Your Stuff is providing fast, dependable weekly or monthly bin rental, junk removal, and demolition services that you can rely on. We're here to physically take the load off of you, making your disposal bin rental process go as smoothly as possible while saving you the trouble of finding a place to throw out the leftover junk of your project.

Dispose Your Stsuff will offer garbage bin rental services for construction and maintenance, along with junk removal and demolition services. A large variety of dumpster sizes and a skilled team to handle customer service gives us the ability to help you with all kinds of tidying up. When you Dispose Your Stuff with us, restoration tasks for residential and commercial customers are a breeze to get started.

We also have a sister moving company. If you need any items moved instead of junked, commercial or residential, call 647-982-1819 and let the agent know what kind of move you want to complete. We do residential, condo, apartment, office, commercial, storage,small, specialty, and piano moves as well as packing, labour, and furniture assembly services. View The Moving Website

we do bin rental services best


Dispose Your Stuff upholds a commitment to transparency and authenticity by prominently displaying our customer reviews on our website. With consistently high referral rates and glowing reviews, we assure you that our dedication to excellence extends beyond mere words. As a trusted GTA bin rental company, we are driven to continually provide top-notch dumpster rental services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Michael review profile picture
Michael B.
I couldn't be happier with their service! The rented bin was a lifesaver during my home renovation. Their team was friendly and accommodating, making the entire process smooth.
Natalie review profile picture
Natalie Miller
My experience with Dispose Your Stuff was fantastic. The delivery was punctual, and the garbage bin's cleanliness was appreciated. Their customer service provided clear guidance for bin selection
Ethan review profile picture
Ethan Davis
wanted to share my positive experience with this bin rental company. Their customer service was genuinely helpful in assisting me with bin selection. There were no hidden fees sprung up on me when I had to pay. theyre great for hassle-free disposal.
Charlotte review profile picture
Charlotte Clark
good communication, excellent service, punctual in their schedules both when arriving and going
Owen review profile picture
Owen Lee
Dispose Your Stuff were great. They turned up on time, I got the bin loaded up and everything got picked up as agreed. Very professional
 Lazar review profile picture
Lazar Antonov
The customer service was attentive, helped me choose the right container size. The container arrived on time and was in excellent condition, which made my project much easier. Transparent pricing added convenience.
Olivia review profile picture
Olivia Hill
I'm genuinely impressed by their attention to detail. The bin was spotless when it arrived, and their team took care not to damage my driveway. It's the little things that set them apart.
Felix review profile picture
Felix Watson
Impressive service from this bin company! Their prompt responsiveness amazed me. The bin arrived on time, clean and ready for use. They made disposal a breeze.


  • Premium quality bins with versatile sizing

  • Seamless waste disposal with affordable bin rentals

  • Month-long bin rentals at competitive pricing

  • Fully licensed and insured with fast, 5-star customer service

  • Flat rates and upfront quotes with no hidden charges

  • Flexible short and long-term rental plans available

  • Specific bin sizing to help you save space and costs

  • Environmentally sustainable practices

Have Questions?
Look At This First!

    • ► Will the disposal bin fit in my driveway?
    • Yes, all of our bins fit on a home driveway. See our bin dimensions here.

    • ► What if I my driveway is full?
    • We might be able to place the bin on your lawn or on the street. Please be aware and contact a registered authority in your region as you will need a permit to place the bin on the road in many areas.

    • ► How much notice is needed to schedule a bin rental?
    • Ideally, scheduling your rental up to a week in advance allows for proper planning and ensures availability on your preferred date. You can still call to schedule the rental the day before or the day of, but we may be booked, requiring us to give you the bin at a different date.

    • ► Is there a fee for rescheduling or canceling my rental?
    • We won't charge cancellation fees unless they are very short notice, such as the morning of the rental. Cancellation policies vary, but providing ample notice helps avoid unnecessary fees.

    • ► What type of payment methods do you accept?
    • We accept cash, paypal, and etransfer.

      If you are unsure about the validity of your payment method, give us a call!
    • ► How high should I fill the bin?
    • All bins can only be filled to the top of the rim. we MUST be able to safely transport it. If waste sticks over the edge, it could fall out while driving, potentially harming other drivers.

    • ► Do I need to be at home when my bin is dropped off?
    • No! You are not required to be on-site during the delivery, but please be ready to discuss the bin placement in the cases where your driveway is full or otherwise unavailable.

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Contact us!
(647)-227-2467 [email protected]

Still Undecided? Call Us!

      • ► What time will my bin arrive?
      • While we do our best to accommodate your preferred time requests, we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates unless you order at least a week in advance. Our operators are usually driving by 9:00 am, and deliveries usually occur between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. There are instances where our drivers make bin deliveries after hours to accommodate special circumstances. Either way, rest assured that our team at Dispose Your Stuff is dedicated to providing reliable service, and we will keep you updated regularly while coordinating the delivery to align with your project schedule.

    • ► What are your hours of operation?
    • Our office takes calls from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Sunday. You can also send us an email, but calls allow us and you to communicate faster.
      Generally, we begin driving at 8-9am.

    • ► Is a deposit required?
    • No, we ask for payment at the end of the rental. If you'd like to pay in advance, give us a call so we can sort it out.

    • ► What happens to my garbage?
    • Dispose Your Stuff is an eco-friendly company with environmental objectives in mind. After the disposal bin is picked up, we take it to a landfill or transfer station which will sort your items for proper recycling and disposal.

    • ► Who should I contact during the rental?
    • Booking a bin rental with Dispose Your Stuff ensures you have a customer service team you can rely on for all questions and concerns. Calling 647-227-2467, before or during your rental, allows any questions or requests of yours to be answered promptly.

    • ► Are there restrictions on the types of items I can junk?
    • Yes. To skip the details listed on this web page, if the item requires special handling to remove, such as gasoline, paint, paint thinners, hazardous waste, and fireworks, we will not accept them in the truck. You or a professional can move them, but we cannot.

    • ► How do I give feedback after a bin rental?
    • After you've finished a rental with us, Dispose Your Stuff's phone lines are always open to hear from you. Call 647-227-2467 to talk to a representative. Did you find our services to be amazing? Would you kindly take a moment to leave us a Google Reviews review? It's among the greatest methods to impart your knowledge and assist others in locating our services.

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