• What Can Go In The Bin

      • Household Debris

        Beds, frames, toys, boxes, and anything else you want out of the house. Unless the items are explosive or hazardous in any nature, we will take them in our bins.

      • Construction Debris

        Our bins are fit for any kind of construction debris, allowing for quick progression in your renovations, demolitions, and other projects.

      • Aggregates

        If you have a couple of bricks and a pound or two of soil to dispose of, toss them in the bin! We do not accept pure aggregates as our trucks cannot handle the weight.

      • Recycling Material

        We are an environmentally friendly bin rental company in the western GTA. If your disposal consists purely of recyclables, let us know and we will handle it appropriately.

    • What Cannot Go In The Bin

      • Pure Aggregates

        With the exception of the 4-yard Bin Rental, We do not accept Pure Aggregates. Please contact us by phone at 647-227-BINS to check our 4YD bin availability.

      • Hazardous Chemicals

        These chemicals are to be handled with extreme caution. While we do not accept them, you can find a company to work with by clicking here.

      • Tires/Explosives

        We do not take tires in our rental bins. Tires can be dropped off at most Canadian Tire locations.

      • Full Paint Cans

        Empty cans are welcomed; we will not accept full paints cans. Our Bins would be full of spilled paint which can ignite under pressure at the station.


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  • 10 yard rental bin image

    10YD Bin

    $475 + HST*

    • 1 Ton Included
    • Garage/Basement/Shed Cleanouts
    • Small Renovation Projects
    • Fits 110 Bundles Of Shingles
    • Small Spring Clean-ups
    • Mixed Waste Only
  • 14 yard rental bin image

    14YD Bin

    $525 + HST*

    • 1.5 Tons Included
    • Garage/Basement/Shed Cleanouts
    • Ideal for 1-2 Room Renovations
    • Small Clean-ups
    • Fits 150 Bundles Of Shingles
    • Mixed Waste Only
  • 20 yard rental bin image

    20YD Bin

    $550 + HST*

    • 2 Tons Included
    • Estate Cleanouts
    • Big Renovation Projects
    • Exterior Demolitions
    • Fits 220 Bundles Of Shingles
    • Mixed Waste Only
  • 40 yard rental bin image

    40YD Bin

    $900 + HST*

    • 4 Tons Included
    • Large Commercial Projects
    • Large Estate Cleanouts
    • Fits 440 Bundles Of Shingles
    • Sides are 7 feet high*
    • Mixed Waste Only
  • Extra Details*

  • 1 Month Rental Per Bin With Single Cycle of Pickup and Delivery included.
  • Extra Days: $20/day
  • Extra Weight: $120/metric ton + HST
  • Contents placed in bins must not exceed bin height.

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